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Short Story Video – Moms Embarrassing Moment

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Short Story Video – Moms Embarrassing Moment
This short story demonstrates how Mom survived a very embarrassing moment – special for mother’s day.
Other humorous stories you might […]

Short Story Video – The Pit Stop – A Very Embarrassing Tale

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Short Story Video – The Pit Stop – A Very Embarrassing Tale
This short story is about a very embarrassing moment. I’ve had days like this, […]

Dumber Than a Box of Rocks – Humorous Short Story

Dumber Than a Box of Rocks: Introduction
Have you ever thought your parents might not be too bright. I’m talking about the time you were a teenager and knew about everything there was to know, and your parents were dumber than a box of rocks.
I remember as a teenager my dad told me to get a job as president of a major corporation while I still knew everything.
This story, Dumber than a Box of Rocks, reminds me of how smart I thought I was and how stupid my father was when I was sixteen. It was […]

The Pit Stop – An Embarrassing Short Story

The Pit Stop: Have You Ever Been Really Embarrassed
Have you ever been embarrassed? I’m not talking about some small moment that’s forgotten in days. I’m talking about the kind of embarrassment that makes you want to hide your head and disappear. When you think about it years later you still blush.
“The Pit Stop“  Is a story about the type of embarrassment I described above.  I’ve had embarrassing moments like that, but I’m never telling anyone about them.   So, without further ado I present to you:
The Pit Stop
“There’s one,” I said.
“Sure enough,” Dad replied.
Dad whipped the […]

No Step for a Stepper – Humorous Short Story

No Step for a Stepper
Sometimes when we’re young we do things that are extremely stupid.  I know.  At one point in my life my father told me, “It will be a miracle if you make it to twenty-one.”
No Step for a Stepper is a humorous work of fiction loosely based on facts from one such event.  Mostly the story is about stupidity and revenge.  Remember…it’s my story and I can tell it any way I want.  So without further ado I present
No Step for a Stepper
I mustered every ounce of courage as I climbed onto the bridge […]

Wash Day Blues – A Humorous Short Story

– Wash Day Blues – A Humorous Short Story –
Wash Day Blues – A Humorous Short Story: Introducing Joe Bob Bass
This story introduces a character by the name of Joe Bob Bass. Joe Bob is a driller on an oil drilling rig that works the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles.
I worked the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles for fifteen years. Many of the Joe Bob Bass stories came from that experience. I hope you enjoy his story titled “Wash Day Blues.”
By the way, do you know the difference between a fairy tale and an oil field story? A […]

Little Angels – Bare Knuckle Boxing Extravaganza

– Little angels…you bet.  What could cause a mother to spank her eleven angels? –

“Okay, everybody line up.” commanded Mom.
We had crossed the line; the paddlings were “fixin” to begin. Mom held the ruler in her hand. (She had learned that spanking eleven little angels with her hand was more painful to her than to us.) She was seven months pregnant with her twelfth child and was in no mood for games.
Mom didn’t use platitudes like, “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.” Instead, she’d say, “This is going to hurt. Maybe you’ll learn something.” We […]

Getting Skinny – The Acupuncture Solution: Humorous Short Story

The road to getting skinny has many pit-falls. This humorous short story presents a weight loss surprise.

Moms Embarrassing Moment

Embarrassing moments put spice in life. How a person handles embarrassing moments tells volumes about that individual. Mom’s embarrassing moment spoke volumes…literally.