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Being Big in a Little World – Great Attitude

Being Big in a Little World – Great Attitude
Being Big in a Little World means maintaining a great attitude and sense of humor even in the face of rude people.
Being Big: You’re in Good Company
Are you a big person? I’m not talking to the person who wants to lose five or ten pounds of vanity fat to squeeze into some tight fitting swimsuit. I’m talking to the person who goes for a checkup and spies the doctor writing “Morbidly Obese,” (I hate those words), on his chart. Now that’s a big person. Join the club. You’re in good company.
Being Big: […]

Big is Beautiful – Great Comebacks

Big is Beautiful: Great Comebacks for Rude People
Are you a big person who has been humiliated in public by rude people? Did you wish you had some snappy comeback to fire at your tormentor. If you’ve been in that situation these great comebacks may be for you.
Big is Beautiful: A Short Story
I’ve always been chunky. (Some people might say fat, but it’s my story, and I can tell it any way I want.) Anyway, when I was twelve years old I was swimming with some of my friends at a local lake.
Some sixteen year old boys swam past us, […]