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Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones

Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones

Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones: Technology is Wonderful

Many of the new technologies available to families are amazing, but there are manyParenting Solutions - Dealing with Cell Phones potential problems associated with these advancements. Things like cell-phones, computers, internet games, vehicles, and televisions are wonderful devices. But…they can present devastating problems for parents if they are not willing to monitor the devices.

Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones: Bending the Rules

Children today are like children of all ages; they will push their parents as far as they can. I was not a model child. I bent the rules as far as I possibly could. The advantage my parents had over parents today is children didn’t have all the devices to circumvent parental controls.

Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones: A Privilege – Not a Right

The best method of training children is to communicate to them using electronic devices are not a right but a privilege. Misuse of the devices must be followed by strict controls. The quicker this message is communicated to your children the better.

Children should not be given total control of any device that can be used to communicate with people outside of your home. That is a recipe for disaster.

I am not an alarmist, but I am a pragmatist. Full trust should never be given children until it’s earned. Love is freely given, trust must be earned.

Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones: Cell Phone suggestions

Most children do not believe bad things can happen to them. Character is not something children possess from birth; it must be taught by their parents. As your child exhibits maturity in one area give him a little more freedom, but do it in very small increments.

Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones: Children Need Monitoring

I like cell phones, but children need to be monitored, (especially pre-teens and teenagers). Children don’t need a cell phone in their room. As a matter of fact, they don’t need any phone in their room. You’ll have greater success of enforcing curfews if your children don’t have electronic devices in their rooms.

We keep a centrally located phone. It’s a little inconvenient at times, but children learn to use the device in moderation. They learn by watching their parents. If you are moderate in your actions your children will be more successful in being moderate in their actions.

Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones: Safety the Main Consideration

Don’t buy cell phones with all the bells and whistles. Buy cell phones that can be tracked. When your children go on an outing, date, or other event give them a cell phone with a tracking device. Let them know the cell phone must be on them at all times. You will be calling periodically. (Follow up by calling them more frequently on their first outings and cut back on the calls gradually over time if they are obedient.) This will definitely assist you in keeping your children safe. Be sure to retrieve the cell phone after the event.

If the child is compliant with your rules then give them a little more freedom with the phone as you see fit.

Parenting Solutions – Dealing With Cell Phones: Credentials

My wife and I have raised one daughter, three grandsons, and fifteen foster children. These suggestions are the result of years of practical experience.

Copyright 2010 J-me

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