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Love Matters – Your First Crush

Love Matters – Your First Crush

Love Matters – Your First Crush: Simpler Times

How many of you remember your first love? I’m not talking about a high school sweetheart.Love Matters - Your First Crush: Do you remember yours? I’m talking about the first person you had a “crush on.” The girl in sixth grade that made you blush every time you walked past her in the hall.

Times were simpler when I was growing up. We didn’t have television shows parading girls around half naked back then. It was a time when a smile from a girl made your entire day. We were taught to cherish girls. They were graceful, they were delicate, they were…beautiful. Sometimes they were mean.

I wasn’t into girls in the fifth grade. Some of my friends were, but I hadn’t been smitten yet. I was glad. In the fifth grade if a girl liked a certain boy she’d beat him up. A boy that was liked by several girls could get battered in fifth grade.

“Boy, Sam, she worked you over pretty good. She must like you a lot.”

Love Matters – Your First Crush: Genteel

Fifth grade was a dangerous time for boys. Sixth grade was different. It seemed overnight girls became “genteel.” They didn’t partake in boy smashing anymore. They didn’t wear blue jeans as much either. Somehow all those mean tomboys managed to get pretty. And that brings me to my first love.

I saw her the first day of class when grade school resumed. She was a new girl. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Several other boys liked her too. I could tell by the way they hum-hawed when she spoke to them.

I never told anyone I liked her, but I always found a way to ride past her house when I was on my bike, (after all, it was only six blocks out of the way). I volunteered to run many errands for my mom during that time period. Looking back, I chuckle at myself. A person would have been brain dead not to realize I had a crush on her.

Evidently my bike riding must have caught her eye. Seven weeks after school began we had a class skating party. When the announcer at the skating rink announced “couples skate girls choice” she asked me to skate with her. We held hands five whole minutes while we skated around that rink. My heart nearly burst out of my chest I was so excited.

Love Matters – Your First Crush: It’s a Shame

Sometimes, I feel sorry for kids today. They see so many things on television and other places they are becoming desensitized to the simple pleasures in life. They’ll miss much of the innocent joy that so many in my generation enjoyed. The world has become so greedy of money, power, and status that simple pleasures are being lost.

Love Matters – Your First Crush: Hope for the Young

I pray that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have opportunity to partake of the many simple joys and pleasures that I have experienced.

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