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Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood[svpVideo v=1]

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood: Video Story

One illustrated book that I really enjoyed as a small child was Little Red Riding Hood. Although there are many Little Red Riding Hood books, the book that I read as a child has not been easy to find. I found an old copy and made a short video of the story for your enjoyment.

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood: A Gold Mine

Illustrated books are a gold mine for young impressionable minds. Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Rabbit, and the Mother Goose Rhymes were some of my favorite. Reading those first books brought back good memories as I pretended to be Hugh, the woodman,

From illustrated book - Little Red Riding Hood followed by the wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood is a favorite childhood stories.

who saved Little Red Riding Hood, or pretending to be Jack from the nursery rhyme “This is the House that Jack Built.”

Illustrated books taught me to love reading. I remember many times when my mother or one of my older siblings read the books to me. Although the words were always the same, each person who read the book to me used different sounds and voices. I learned that how something is read is just as important as what is being read. Story-telling became alive for me.

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood: Love for Story-telling

I remember reading the same books to my younger siblings. Those times helped me to learn most of what I know about story-telling. I remember making my younger sisters laugh as I made different sounds for different characters. Reading was not only enjoyable, but it was entertaining.

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood: My Hope

My hope is that you and your children will enjoy this short video as much as I had in making it for my grandchildren.
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Let me know what you think.


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