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Humorous Childhood Memories Book – Mason Bricklin Rides the Crush


Humorous Childhood Memories Book – Mason Bricklin Rides the Crush[svpVideo v=1]

Childhood memories are the spice of many great books and stories.

Humorous Childhood Memories Book – Reviewers State:

Childhood memories are entertaining.

 “Mark Brown (J-me) has the uncanny talent to tell a story in a way that brings us back to a more innocent time, a time of friends, family, and laughter. His style is a cross between Garrison Keillor and Samuel Clemens.”

      Richard L. Baron, Author/Deadly Visions
      President, Baron Graphics Ltd.
      President Board of Directors, Treasure Coast Children’s Museum
      Executive Producer, Boomers the Musical

Humorous Childhood Memories Book – You’ll Get a Belly Laugh

 “If you want funny – Read Mason Bricklin”
L. Olson, Florida

“I can’t wait for Mason Bricklin II.”
J. White, Oklahoma

“I had planned to read one chapter a night of Mason Bricklin. No such thing. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. It’s just one funny thing after another. Lots of laughs. I loved it.”
L. Pitts, Kansas

“I could not put the book down.”
K. Cox, Iowa

Mason Bricklin will give you hours of entertainment. Each chapter is designed to pull you deeper into the Mason Bricklin/Sweet Edna experience.

Humorous Childhood Memories Book A Great Inexpensive Gift

“I enjoyed Mason Bricklin and bought a copy for my four grown daughters.”

S. Dowty, Oklahoma

Nothing is appreciated more than thoughtful gifts. Mason Bricklin is the perfect gift for all occasions.

Humorous Childhood Memories BookEnjoyed by Young and Old

Thanks for penning a remarkable book. I, too, couldn’t put it down! Will there be a sequel? Soon? I have shared it with a 5th grade girl and she enjoyed it too!

Many older readers state that Mason Bricklin reminds them of a time when they were younger, yet the book is fresh enough for teens and pre-teens to enjoy.

Nothing cements a parent/child bond like reading to your children. Mason Bricklin is written to be easily read to your children.

You’ll Increase Your IQ by Ten Points by Reading Mason Bricklin – (Just Kidding…You’ll Just Look Smarter)

Childhood Memories were never funnier!

Humorous books and stories about childhood memories are the spice of life.

You’ll learn what a tar-nation is.
You’ll learn what Sweet Edna did to her younger brother. (Shame on her!)
You’ll learn how to cheat in a clod fight.
You’ll learn how to set a bear trap. (You’ll also learn the drawbacks of setting a bear trap.)
Nothing breaks the ice at a social gathering like revealing what a tar-nation really is, or explaining the intricacies of clod fighting, or bear trap building. Most people’s education in these area’s is woefully lacking.

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 Thank you for spending your precious time with me. J-me

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