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Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: Hundreds of Decisions
Every day all of us make hundreds of decisions. Decisions can be hard, easy, Commitment - Hallmark to Great Decisionsor they can be made with little conscience effort, but we all make choices. And…all of us make good and bad decisions.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: Unconscious Decisions
An unconscious decision might be brushing your teeth in the morning. Habits are formed by making repetitive choices over time. Other habits might be biting your fingernails or stopping to tie your shoe. Many of these habits are formed in childhood.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: Easy Decisions
Easy choices might be eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast, wearing a certain shirt or blouse, or deciding to leave your bed unmade. Many of these choices are simply a matter of taste.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: Harder Decisions
Harder choices might be getting up and going to work even when you don’t feel like it because you have a family to feed, or cleaning the house and doing the laundry even though no one appreciates it. These decisions might demonstrate character of an individual.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: Tough Decisions
Really tough decisions might be changing jobs or moving to another city or state.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: Life Changing Decisions
Finally, there are life changing decisions. These are choices that permanently alter a person’s life and are confirmed by commitment.

One thing is always true about a life changing decision. Life changing choices are always backed by commitment whether it be good or bad. If there is no commitment there really isn’t any change.

A bad life changing commitment might be joining a gang. It takes commitment to join a gang although most don’t realize the terrible consequences of their actions.

An example of a good commitment might be getting married.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: Two Great Decisions
That leads me to the two great decisions in my life that have overshadowed completely the many…and I mean many…bad decisions I’ve made.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: First Great Decision
The first great decision of my life was asking my wife to marry me. That one decision has given me the best thirty-five years of my life. Oh, everything hasn’t been a bed of roses, but my wife and I share a camaraderie and closeness that only those who make a true commitment to each other share.

My Grandfather would say, “A good fight clears the air, and me and your grandmother have some of the clearest air in Kansas.” That saying can be applied to my wife and I from time to time (with the exception that we make our home in Oklahoma). Oklahoma air sometimes needs clearing too.

Two things we don’t do when we have a great disagreement. We don’t scream and humiliate the other, and we never lay hands on one another in anger.

Every young married person needs to remember that his mate has just as much junk to put up with him as he has junk to put up with his mate…and it’s nice to have someone on your side all the time whether you’re right or wrong. (Being on your side doesn’t mean they always agree with you.)

Yes, asking my wife to marry me was truly one of the two great decisions in my life.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: Greatest Decision in My Life

The first great decision in my life facilitated the greatest decision in my life. This decision was repenting of my sin and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was life changing for me to know that the creator of the universe loved me and died for me. He more than anyone knows my sin and yet he forgave me. I can’t tell you the joy that gives me.

I was first introduced to Jesus by my wife. When I asked her to marry me she asked me two questions. “Would I ridicule her for going to church? And…would I go to church with her?” I agreed never to ridicule her, and I promised to go to church with her.
In her kind gentle way she lead me to Jesus. She never badgered me or shamed me, but she so tenderly persuaded me to search for Jesus.

I made my decision for Jesus at a Bible study. It is wonderful knowing that I was created to be a child of the living God and to have eternal life. Not only did Jesus give me a eternal life and a purpose in life, but he also gave me a mission. And that mission is to share the love of God with all I know. Jesus is not just a part of my life; he is my life. I am eternally grateful to my wife for her loving concern for me.

Commitment – Hallmark to Great Decisions: The Point

Each of us makes decisions, some good and some bad, but the lasting and best decisions are always made with commitment.

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