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Childs Play – Teaching with Games

Childs Play – Teaching with Games

Childs Play – Teaching with Games: Child Games and Training

My grandchildren are incredibly intelligent.(Of course I’m not prejudiced.) My two year old grandson, like many sharp youngsters, soaks up information. His favorite question is, “What’s that, Grampa?”

I have the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with my grandchildren. We play Childs Play - Teaching with Games: An opportunity for parents.many wonderful child games. (I don’t worry about looking foolish; I’m a grandparent, you know.) But with the fellowship we share there is an obligation, which is the obligation to train them. That brings us to the one-two game.

Childs Play – Teaching with Games: The One-Two Game

The one-two game is a game I play with my two year old grandson. We simply hold up one finger and say the word one. Then we hold up two fingers and say two… and shake our hands vigorously. He loves shaking his hand when we get to two. (Ah, the simple pleasures in life.)

When we play the one-two game in front of my ten month old grandson and my eight month old granddaughter they laugh and laugh.

This simple game teaches my two year old grandson motor skills, (forming numbers with his fingers.) It teaches the beginning concept of numbers; and it helps him interact in a positive way with my younger grandchildren.

Childs Play – Teaching with Games: The Frozen Icicle Treat Game

Another game we play is the Frozen Icicle Treat game. To play this game all three grandchildren sit on my stomach. (Did I forget to mention that I’m a large person?) When I hand each child a Frozen Icicle Treat I say the color of the treat. The two year old repeats the color. The younger ones point at Frozen Icicle Treat. (This is a messy game, and I don’t recommend playing it while wearing your best go-to-meeting clothes.)

The great thing about Frozen Icicle Treats is that they are usually packaged in the primary and secondary colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange. By the time the children are in kindergarten they’ll know the colors on a color wheel. It also teaches them the more important lesson of sharing.

Childs Play – Teaching with Games: The Point

The point of the article is that parents and grandparents have an opportunity to teach children skills and values long before there are unwanted outside influences. If we don’t take this opportunity we will miss one of life’s greatest joys and cheat our children of their most important education.

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