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Childhood Memory is a Powerful Influence


Childhood Memory is a Powerful Influence[svpVideo v=1]

Childhood Memory is a Powerful Influence in Forming Character
Looking back on my life I understand that my childhood memory played a big part of forming my character. It is amazing to me that such a short span of my life affected many phases of my adult life…good and bad.

I was raised in a family of fourteen people. I had 1 father and mother, (some children have more), three brothers, and eight sisters. Living in a large family can have its challenges, but for some reason we survived them all, which is amazing because we only had one bathroom.

Childhood Memory is a Powerful Influence: Commitment

Probably my greatest childhood memory was learning the lesson of commitment.

Childhood Memories: Even the smallest child in our family helped when needed.

Childhood Memories: Even the smallest child in our family helped when needed.

Commitment was not a motto in our family; it was a way of life. Commitment isn’t taught by words…it’s taught by actions.

Childhood Memory is a Powerful Influence: A Short Example

Once when my dad was unable to work my mother went to work as a cook in a restaurant. She also baked rolls for the restaurant at home. My two older brothers delivered newspapers before school and worked for a farmer after school. My two older sisters cleaned houses and babysat. I did odd jobs and collected pop bottles. My younger siblings helped around the house. Late at night when Mom got home from work my older brothers and sisters and I cleaned the cafe where Mom worked.

No one worried about allowances. The money went into the family pot. We were helping, and we felt good about it.

We were a family committed to one another. I think going through hard times can bring a family together when they are committed to one another. Although my parents have passed onto heaven my brothers and sisters still like getting together.

Childhood Memory is a Powerful Influence: Parents Committed

My parents were committed. They were married 55+ years and truly loved and enjoyed one another. Oh…they had some tough times, but commitment goes deeper than tough times. Commitment is a state of mind.

Childhood Memory is a Powerful Influence: Looking Back

I look back at this childhood memory and other childhood memories and smile. My life is much richer because of the commitment my parents gave to each other and to their children.

My wife, Eddie, and I have just passed our 35th anniversary. I look back and remember my parent’s commitment and know it has greatly affected my life. I truly appreciate this priceless gift.

Childhood Memory is a Powerful Influence: A Lifetime
Yes, a childhood memory can be a powerful influence on a person’s life, and that influence can last a lifetime.
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