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Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video[svpVideo v=2]

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video: A Family Favorite

Peter Rabbit was always a favorite of mine as a child. I especially remember Mom giving a great moral after this story. “That’s what you get when you don’t obey your mother.” Many of the old illustrated books were used to highlight points that a parent might make with a child.

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video: Sharing with Grand-children

One of the joys I have when finding old copies of illustrated books I read as a child is retelling the tales to my children and grand-children. I made the video for my grand-children, and my three year old great grand-daughter told me, “I like it Poppy.”

Childhood memories - Professor Brown says, "I like it, Poppy."

Childhood Memories: While viewing the Peter Rabbit Video, Professor Brown says, “I Like it Poppy.”

My great grand-daughter loves donning my glasses and pretending to be Professor Brown. I featured her in the video.

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video: Reading Creates Strong Ties

It never ceases to amaze me that doing simple things with children creates strong ties. I truly enjoy watching my grand-children grab a book when they come in the door and say, “Read it to me, Grandpa.” Once story-time begins I might have four or five children on my lap. (I must have a big lap…I guess that’s one advantage of being large.)

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video: Enlarge the Video

I like enlarging the video to fit the entire computer screen and playing it. I am surprised how many times a small child will say, “Play it again, Grandpa.” I never tire of looking into their faces as they watch their favorite part of the video and light up. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

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  1. Brenda says:

    This is so true, and some of the hardest times become some of the fondest memories.

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