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Childhood Memories – Gardening with Mom

Childhood Memories – Gardening with Mom

Childhood Memories – Gardening with Mom: Asking for Help

I remember when I was five years old my mother asked me if I wanted to help make aChildhood Memories - Gardening with Mom: I enjoyed my time with Mom. garden. I was delighted that my mother wanted my help.  I quickly answered yes.

Childhood Memories – Gardening with Mom: Simple Tasks

We went to the back yard. My mother told me to stand in one spot and hold the end our water hose. She then unraveled the hose while she walked ten steps from me. She stretched the hose, set it on the ground, and told me to put my end on the ground and hold it tight. She took a can of spray paint out of her apron and sprayed a line on the ground beside the hose.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Setting the boundaries for the garden,” she replied.

She repeated the process three more times until we had a rectangular area drawn on the ground. The last line she allowed me to paint, under her watchful eye.

Childhood Memories – Gardening with Mom: A World of Wonder

We retrieved two shovels from the shed and she showed me how to dig. I spied worms in the first shovel of dirt she turned over. Mom explained how worms helped the garden by aerating the soil.

I played with the worms about 15 minutes before I got bored with them. I told Mom I was ready to dig and she showed me where to start.

Childhood Memories – Gardening with Mom: Hard Work

I dug fifteen minutes and told Mom I was tired. I learned that digging was hard work.

“Go sit in the shade,” she said.

Childhood Memories – Gardening with Mom: Big Helper

About an hour later she woke me and handed me a glass of water. The digging was miraculously complete.

“You were a big helper,” she said as she wiped sweat from her neck and forehead.

I bragged to everyone that I was a big helper and helped Mom dig the garden.

To this day I remember helping my mom.   She taught me to enjoy work, and those times are some of my most cherished memories.

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