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Best of Johanna Basford Adult Coloring Book Mega Bundle – Perfect Gift Idea

Best of Johanna Basford – Adult Coloring Book Mega Bundle

Johanna Basford Mega Bundle

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure... (Read Reviews)
Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure... (Read Reviews)
Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest... (Read Reviews)
Secret Garden Artist's Edition:... (Read Reviews)
Secret Garden: 20 Postcards (Read Reviews)
Enchanted Forest Postcards: 20... (Read Reviews)
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Buy together now for $63.03
You Save $28.22 (31%) Price Last Updated: 10:48am, 13th October 2015 More Info

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(Peter Rabbit and Red Riding Hood)

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Childhood Memories Worth Their Weight in Gold

Childhood memories are Precious and Lasting.


Humorous Childhood Memories Book – Mason Bricklin Rides the Crush


Humorous Childhood Memories Book – Mason Bricklin Rides the Crush

Childhood memories are the spice of many great books and stories.

Humorous Childhood Memories Book – Reviewers State:

Childhood memories are entertaining.

 “Mark Brown (J-me) has the uncanny talent to tell a story in a way that brings us back to a more innocent time, a time of friends, family, and laughter. His style is a cross between Garrison Keillor and Samuel Clemens.”

      Richard L. Baron, Author/Deadly Visions
      President, Baron Graphics Ltd.
      President Board of Directors, Treasure Coast Children’s Museum
      Executive Producer, Boomers the Musical

Humorous Childhood Memories Book – You’ll Get a Belly Laugh

 “If you want funny – Read Mason Bricklin”
L. Olson, Florida

“I can’t wait for Mason Bricklin II.”
J. White, Oklahoma

“I had planned to read one chapter a night of Mason Bricklin. No such thing. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. It’s just one funny thing after another. Lots of laughs. I loved it.”
L. Pitts, Kansas

“I could not put the book down.”
K. Cox, Iowa

Mason Bricklin will give you hours of entertainment. Each chapter is designed to pull you deeper into the Mason Bricklin/Sweet Edna experience.

Humorous Childhood Memories Book A Great Inexpensive Gift

“I enjoyed Mason Bricklin and bought a copy for my four grown daughters.”

S. Dowty, Oklahoma

Nothing is appreciated more than thoughtful gifts. Mason Bricklin is the perfect gift for all occasions.

Humorous Childhood Memories BookEnjoyed by Young and Old

Thanks for penning a remarkable book. I, too, couldn’t put it down! Will there be a sequel? Soon? I have shared it with a 5th grade girl and she enjoyed it too!

Many older readers state that Mason Bricklin reminds them of a time when they were younger, yet the book is fresh enough for teens and pre-teens to enjoy.

Nothing cements a parent/child bond like reading to your children. Mason Bricklin is written to be easily read to your children.

You’ll Increase Your IQ by Ten Points by Reading Mason Bricklin – (Just Kidding…You’ll Just Look Smarter)

Childhood Memories were never funnier!

Humorous books and stories about childhood memories are the spice of life.

You’ll learn what a tar-nation is.
You’ll learn what Sweet Edna did to her younger brother. (Shame on her!)
You’ll learn how to cheat in a clod fight.
You’ll learn how to set a bear trap. (You’ll also learn the drawbacks of setting a bear trap.)
Nothing breaks the ice at a social gathering like revealing what a tar-nation really is, or explaining the intricacies of clod fighting, or bear trap building. Most people’s education in these area’s is woefully lacking.

Order your copy Here

 Thank you for spending your precious time with me. J-me

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Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video: A Family Favorite

Peter Rabbit was always a favorite of mine as a child. I especially remember Mom giving a great moral after this story. “That’s what you get when you don’t obey your mother.” Many of the old illustrated books were used to highlight points that a parent might make with a child.

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video: Sharing with Grand-children

One of the joys I have when finding old copies of illustrated books I read as a child is retelling the tales to my children and grand-children. I made the video for my grand-children, and my three year old great grand-daughter told me, “I like it Poppy.”

Childhood memories - Professor Brown says, "I like it, Poppy."

Childhood Memories: While viewing the Peter Rabbit Video, Professor Brown says, “I Like it Poppy.”

My great grand-daughter loves donning my glasses and pretending to be Professor Brown. I featured her in the video.

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video: Reading Creates Strong Ties

It never ceases to amaze me that doing simple things with children creates strong ties. I truly enjoy watching my grand-children grab a book when they come in the door and say, “Read it to me, Grandpa.” Once story-time begins I might have four or five children on my lap. (I must have a big lap…I guess that’s one advantage of being large.)

Childhood Memories – Peter Rabbit Story Video: Enlarge the Video

I like enlarging the video to fit the entire computer screen and playing it. I am surprised how many times a small child will say, “Play it again, Grandpa.” I never tire of looking into their faces as they watch their favorite part of the video and light up. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

Check my other videos and stories. I hope you enjoy them.

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Thank you for spending your precious time with me.


copyright 2012 J-me

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood: Video Story

One illustrated book that I really enjoyed as a small child was Little Red Riding Hood. Although there are many Little Red Riding Hood books, the book that I read as a child has not been easy to find. I found an old copy and made a short video of the story for your enjoyment.

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood: A Gold Mine

Illustrated books are a gold mine for young impressionable minds. Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Rabbit, and the Mother Goose Rhymes were some of my favorite. Reading those first books brought back good memories as I pretended to be Hugh, the woodman,

From illustrated book - Little Red Riding Hood followed by the wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood is a favorite childhood stories.

who saved Little Red Riding Hood, or pretending to be Jack from the nursery rhyme “This is the House that Jack Built.”

Illustrated books taught me to love reading. I remember many times when my mother or one of my older siblings read the books to me. Although the words were always the same, each person who read the book to me used different sounds and voices. I learned that how something is read is just as important as what is being read. Story-telling became alive for me.

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood: Love for Story-telling

I remember reading the same books to my younger siblings. Those times helped me to learn most of what I know about story-telling. I remember making my younger sisters laugh as I made different sounds for different characters. Reading was not only enjoyable, but it was entertaining.

Illustrated Book – Little Red Riding Hood: My Hope

My hope is that you and your children will enjoy this short video as much as I had in making it for my grandchildren.
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Let me know what you think.


Copyright 2012 J-me

Short Story Video – Moms Embarrassing Moment

Short Story Video – Moms Embarrassing Moment

This short story video demonstrates how Mom survived a very embarrassing moment – special for mother’s day.

Short Story Video: Transcript

Everyone has embarrassing moments in his life. How a person handles those moments tells volumes about that individual.

One evening my father took several members of my family to a nice steak house. Everyone dressed accordingly, and we were anticipating a great steak dinner.

The steaks were delicious. While we waited for dessert, my mother excused herself and went to the ladies room. A few minutes later she returned to the table.

As she was being seated, she released a “thunder burp.” Not the kind of burp that can be heard at the next table, but the kind that can be heard three blocks away over the roar of a busy metropolitan street…it was a real window shaker.

Everyone in the restaurant was stunned…including my mother. Everyone stared at Mom. A lesser person would have crumbled under the pressure, but this woman had met all the crises of raising twelve children and survived.

She looked at the other patrons and said, “I’m sorry, but it was the best I could do.”

She sat down and ate her dessert as though nothing happened. A few people looked disgusted, but most chuckled and returned to their dinners.

After the meal, one of my siblings asked, “How could you eat knowing everyone was starring at you?”

“After the things you kids have put me through that burp was a breeze,” Mom replied.

“No,” Dad said. “It was more like a tornado.”

Other humorous stories you might enjoy are:

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Let me know what you think of “Short Story Video – Moms Embarrassing Moment”