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A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere: Remarkable Women

My Mother
She was loved and respected by her children and husband. She was a true example of a loving wife and mother. I hope mothers everywhere know their example has a lifetime effect on family members. They are truly a gift from God.My mother was a remarkable lady. She raised twelve children and taught them responsibility, honor, and compassion.

A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere: An Open Letter to Mom

Moms are precious people. Many times their work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Very few notice clothes washed, beds made, or meals cooked until they’re left undone. Moms eat last, and often their food is cold. They take care of pets when children who promise to take care of them forget. Their value is priceless. In appreciation of moms everywhere, I have written the following open letter. I hope you receive this small bit of appreciation for all the wonderful things you do.

Dear Mom,

I know you say you’re old enough to know better, but you’re too young to care. Actually, I know you care very much. You’re the one person who has had the greatest influence on me. You’re the person I admire the most.

You have demonstrated grace, intelligence, integrity, and hard work. It is you who taught me to think of others less fortunate than myself. Kindness is not just a word with you, it is a way of life. Your life is not gauged by what you have, but rather, it is gauged by what you give.

I can’t possibly name all the things you’ve given me, but the single greatest gift you’ve given me is your time. You’ve demonstrated that time is the most precious thing one person can give to another. It is your time with me that has been the biggest influence of all. Time can never be replaced. It is priceless.

When I was five years old, you stood beside me on the soccer field until I felt confident enough to kick the ball with the other kids. You were a Den Mother for me and my siblings. You took us on nature walks, overnight camp-outs, (thanks for helping me weave my first basket), and you spent as much time as we needed. You read books to me, helped me with my home work, and made me do my chores. (I appreciate that more now than I did then.)

My scrapes and bruises always felt better after you kissed them. You always provided a shoulder for my tears. You chastised me when I needed it, and you praised me sometimes when I didn’t deserve it. You helped me achieve things I never thought I could achieve. No one can replace the time you shared with me. You are truly an amazing lady.

Love Always,
Your Son

Copyright 2010 J-me

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